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Lean Eating with Small Bowls

I really like this idea from Paul Akers, a guy I’ve been watching for years as he teaches Lean Manufacturing, here he has posted a couple of videos on how to eat lean with small bowls.  Really instructive, and intuitively it makes total sense!

I learned a couple of things in these videos. First, the benefit of portion control using a small bowl and second, that there is actually a healthy option at Panda Express. My family goes to Panda a lot and our normal item to get is a bowl of Orange Chicken with rice. Love the look of the healthy option, which sounds like Terriaki Chicken without the sauce, and vegetables. Wonder if they have to specially make it or if they always have the grilled chicken ready? I’ll have to check it out the next time I go.

I’m going out to run errands today and plan to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to see if I can buy a set of those small bowls.

Yesterday went OK – I ate well for breakfast and lunch, but ate too much for dinner and snacks and didn’t drink enough water throughout the day.

Giving It Another Go – Lose Weight in 2015

imageLast year on January 1st I had big plans to lose weight.  That lasted all of three days.  So here I am starting another New Year where I gained weight from the previous year, this time another 6 pounds, putting me at a high water mark of 312.6 pounds.  I’ve really got to do something and hopefully by blogging about it consistently I can stay on the straight and narrow of my diet plan.

Losing just 10% would be 31 pounds, and while 10% really doesn’t seem like much, 31 pounds does!  Time to start over and get serious, wish me luck.