Commitment is Tough

CommitmentSo what’s worse than a weight loss blogger going on hiatus for 7 months? Maybe one like me who calls out a bunch of other weight loss bloggers who fall down and still haven’t got up!

No, I’m not going to call anyone out. But one of the more disappointing things I discovered yesterday when I wrote a blog entry for the first time since April was that most of the new weight loss bloggers I had started to follow have had similar stalls, if not complete failures. Commitment is tough!

I started this weight loss blog at the beginning of the New Year as I imagine a lot of others did as well. I started linking out to other guys I found, some of whom have been around for awhile but others who were new this year as well.

Here is the tally for how things went out of the 14 guys’ weight loss blogs I linked to in my sidebar (there are 15 now as I just added GratefulRick):

One didn’t post from February – July, and has only posted a couple of times in August. But in fairness, he did write “You’re not welcome here. Fuck off.” in his first August post, so I shouldn’t be surprised!

One was doing great until June, then dropped off the planet. Hope you are OK.

Two deleted their websites entirely.

One hasn’t posted since January.

One skipped March and April, got it going again in May and then stopped.

One made it through most of January, then wrote failure posts in July and October. I have hope he’ll keep it going this time. Admitting failure is a great sign.

One has been posting every couple of months, so still there and recognizing they need to do more.

Six have been pretty consistent with posting throughout the year.

Keeping any blog going is tough and when it’s tied to something as difficult as weight loss, all the more difficult. I hope everyone figures out what they need to do to be happy and healthy.

Good luck!


2013 Healthy Weight Loss Commitment

307.4 Pounds - Need commitment to health! I started a weight loss blog a little over five years ago which includes the following in the About page:

My name John and as I start writing this blog at the beginning of August, 2007 I am not fit, I am fat. 41 years old, 6’0″, 295 pounds fat. Far from fit. I have struggled with my weight for 20 years and have seen the writing on the wall. It’s time to get serious. Being honest with myself is a key component to being successful and being honest with you, whoever you may be, helps me to be honest with myself.

What do I have to show for it? Another 12 pounds. That’s depressing.

Like a lot of new weight loss bloggers I had good early success. Within 6 months I had dropped 30 pounds. But I couldn’t keep it going. The commitment to my health changed to a commitment to my blog, and while I continued to focus on things like content and SEO, like any good blogger, I found myself tantalized by offers for paid links and guest posts. To the deteriment of the blog and to the detriment of my health.

So when I decided to give this another try in 2013 I knew I had to start over in all sense of the word. New lifestyle, new blog. I’m now 46 and a half years old and I am committed to getting healthy before I turn fifty.


I learned a lot the first time around and I will do better this time.