Bento Box Lunch February 25th

Bento Box Lunch March 25thIt’s been awhile since I broke out my Bento Box but I did it today for lunch. I love Bento Box meals because they really help with portion control.

Here is what was in my Bento Box for lunch today:

  • A poached skinless, boneless chicken breast pre-cut into bite-sized slices.
  • A hard-boiled (really, oven baked) egg, with the shell still on. Yes I removed the shell before eating it!
  • A small amount of rice and bean based chips.
  • Some baby carrots and small radishes
  • Small amount of pasta salad I bought at the deli.
  • And for dessert, a Dole fruit-in-jello cup. Technically it wasn’t in the Bento Box itself but it was in the “laptop” case so I count it.
  • Bento Box Cartoon

Overall I feel very good about lunch today. But of course lunch hasn’t been my problem, it’s been dinner. I had a beer, some pickles, olives, pickled artichokes and 1.5 helpings of my wife’s Chicken Pot Pie. Not great, but not so terrible.

As I’m writing this after 9:00pm I sated my snacking urges by making some caffeine-free mint tea. Yummy.

Good start to the week and I’m feeling good about my chances of a 9th straight week of weight loss.

Do you use a Bento Box for portion control? If so, how does it work for you?