Weekly Weigh-in (2013-11-10)

Weigh-in – 304.4 PoundsI’m on the road again on my journey to getting fit by fifty. Certainly a 1 pound loss is nothing to get excited about, but the key thing for me is that I’m once again documenting my journey, and I know from experience that if I can keep that going then this weigh-in will be the first of many losses. Getting started is one thing though, and sustaining it is quite another.

There isn’t much I did this week to deserve a loss, so let’s recap a few things:

  • Did pretty well most mornings with protein laden rocket fuel breakfasts like 3-egg omelets with cheese and a side of avocado.
  • Did pretty well throughout most of the days with reasonable lunches and minimal snacking.
  • Did 30 minutes on the eliptical one day.

Not much on the positive side of the ledger. Negatives?

  • Overate at many dinners and then snacked into the nights after.
  • Didn’t drink much water.
  • Didn’t do any walking.

Clearly, this is not a long-term formula for losing weight. I’m going to try very hard this week to make a push to lose at least 3 pounds. My plan for doing so? I plan to get up early every day and start the day with a 4 mile walk with my dog. With winter approaching Minnesota this can get a little chilly but it is always an invigorating start to the day. I’m also going to try to add some strength training and more elypitical, plus focus on drinking lots of water. I should be able to maintain solid breakfasts, and I’m going to focus on smaller portion sizes at dinner and no nightime snacking.

If I am able to pull all of this off I think a 3 pound loss is very doable. Hopefully I’ll be able to be honest with myself (and my readers) if I have the inevtiable slip-up.

On the road again, and I feel fine.

Weekly Weigh-in (2013-11-3)

Weigh-in – 305.4 PoundsI weighed in on March 17th with my 11th consecutive week of weight loss from when I started this blog. It’s been all down-hill since. I lost my job at the end of April, and I’m still looking for work and now it’s way past time to start looking for my health again. I’ve gained back all but 2 pounds from my starting point at the beginning of the year. Embarrassing!

The worst part is, if I had done nothing but focus on my weight loss from the moment I had lost my job I would be so much better off right now almost 7 months later. I still wouldn’t have a job, but I’d realistically probably be at around 250 pounds rather than 305.

One day at a time, starting over.



Weekly Weigh-in (2013-04-14)

Weigh-in – 297.4 PoundsIt’s official – I’m a loser, and not in the good way (as in losing pounds).  I haven’t weighed in for a month and in that time I managed to GAIN 6.8 pounds.  Fast food, not drinking water, not bringing veggies to work for a snack, not packing lunches, not walking up the steps, eating too much, not thinking about what I was eating.  Everything I had been doing so well with the first couple of months down the tubes.  Time to pick it up again before I get too far adrift.  I can do this.

Weekly Weigh-in (2013-03-17)

Weigh-in – 290.6 PoundsI managed to log my 11th consecutive week of losing weight this weigh-in despite being on vacation for a week in beautiful Oahu, Hawaii. Now I’m not that proud of a .1 pound loss, especially considering it was really a .2 pound loss over two weeks, which is just not a number I can average if I expect to lose the pounds I need to lose. Still, a loss is a loss and I’ll take it! (side note – full disclosure, when I first weighed myself I was about a half pound heavier, which would have meant a gain for each of the last two weeks. Unacceptable! So I did “game” the system a bit in that I didn’t eat for a couple of hours before I weighed myself again.)

According to my weight tracker where I log my weigh-ins this means that I’ve lost less than a pound in 4 of the last 5 weeks. Again, no way to lose a hundred pounds or so, I’ve really got to pick it up. The good news is that I am on the cusp of a nice milestone for me in getting into the 280s for the first time in a few years. And I would like to bust through it and not just inch my way in so instead of the goal for the week being 289.9 pounds (a loss of .7 pounds) I am going to shoot for 288.9 pounds. This would mean the 3rd biggest weekly loss since I started, so it’s certainly doable.

islandsHawaii was great. How did I manage to not gain a bunch of weight? A little exercise like walking (walking on the sandy beaches is tough slogging!), snorkeling and climbing up Diamond Head. Didn’t eat too much, protein for breakfast and usually a meal that was a salad or fresh fish. I did partake in a bunch of shared desserts though.

How am I going to book a loss for next week’s weigh-in? I’ve got to continue with the good habits I have been doing like drinking a lot of water, bringing vegetables to work for snacks and taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work. But I’m going to have to back that up by eating better at night and adding some real exercise like the elliptical.

Looking forward to seeing the 280s!

Weekly Weigh-in (2013-03-03)

Weigh-in – 290.8 PoundsA very nice week for me as I lost a total of 1.6 pounds this weigh-in for a total loss of 16.6 pounds since I started this blog, and my new healthier lifestyle, at the beginning of this year. This was the 9th straight week that I have posted a loss! As I have written over and over again, this is the easy stage and I have to remember that. I need to continue to do better with my eating (I still have little cheats way more than I would like) and I’ve got to get going with the exercise. But even so, this is a good accomplishment for me to get this far after not being able to focus on a plan for a long time, and it feels great to have had this success so far.

My next weigh-in will be in two weeks because I will be on vacation during the next weigh-in, and I’ll split my weight loss (assuming it is a loss!) over those two weeks to continue to be able to report weekly numbers.

There are two primary things that will impact my ability to keep my weigh-in weight loss streak going:

  1. I hurt one of my feet pretty good and I’m walking with a limp.
  2. I’ll be on vacation for a week.

I don’t think my foot is broken but it’s bruised up and it definetly is effecting my gait. As much as I would like to start walking outside I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. I’ll need to give the elliptical a try this week to see if I can start racking up some mileage that way. How did I hurt my foot? I stepped on one of our stupid cats at the top of the stairs, shifted awkwardly to get off her and landed funny on my left foot (the one that is hurt), then tumbled down the rest of the stairs. I must have been able to shift my weight off the cat pretty quickly because she is no worse for the wear. Me? I’ve been limping for almost a week.

Vacation will be tough because vacations are always tough for everyone, I think. So easy to over-indulge. What I’ll try to focus on is the quality of the food rather than the quantity. Maybe I’ll even post a picture or two. But probably not of me with my shirt off at the beach.

Here’s to a good week, everyone!

Weekly Weigh-in (2013-02-24)

Weigh-in – 292.4 PoundsI’m now down an even 15 pounds since I started at the beginning of the year. My weigh-in win streak continued for the 8th week in a row although the loss of .6 pounds was not as much as I would have liked – but a loss is a loss and I am not complaining! Other than taking the stairs at work I haven’t done much in the way of exercise, and I really haven’t done anything major on the diet side, for the most part I’ve just cut out bad fast-food meals and have incorporated a lot more salads into my diet. I’m not fooling myself, I know having gone through this weight loss before that these first pounds are the easy ones. It will get harder and I will have to work harder to get the loss. I’m prepared to do that as I want to keep that weigh-in win streak alive.  And I’ve got strong motivation to finally bust through all the plateaus and Get Fit by Fifty!

I went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up some for the week ahead. I bought three bunches of fresh radishes and already prepped them and put into a bowl in the fridge for easy snacking access. I hard boiled a half dozen eggs (well actually I baked them in the oven, easiest “hard boiled” eggs approach ever), and I poached 6 skinless, boneless chicken breasts that I’ll be using in salads and when I’m in need of protein. My daughter also likes to slice them thin for sandwiches. I bought fennel, carrots, tomatoes, avocados, sweet peppers and herb lettuce for my salads. I’m feeling pretty good that I am prepped for the week.

Today will be a long day of watching volleyball as my daughter is playing in another all-day affair.

In addition to taking the stairs this week I’m going to incorporate a little strength training to get the blood going in the morning. I’m confident I can check in next week with another loss.

Weekly Weigh-in (2013-02-17)

Weigh-in – 293.0 PoundsWell this post is probably going to be a short one because I somehow just managed to lose a 400 word post I was just working on.  I hate that!

Anyway, another loss in this weeks weighin, albeit a small one of .8 pounds.  I started 2013 off at 307.4 pounds and am now down to 293.0 pounds for a total weight loss of 14.4 pounds.

I’ll never be overly disappointed with any loss but I am a little bit today because yesterday in my unofficial weighin I was 292.8 pounds, and yesterday I was so busy taking pictures at my daughter’s volleyball tournament that I hardly had a chance to eat anything.  A slice of cold pizza, a yogurt and a V8 for breakfast, some leftover jambalya for lunch and some sliced turkey and pickles for a late night dinner.  Nothing.

But I’ll tell you what else I didn’t have time to do yesterday and that was drink water.  So most of the food I ate had high sodium content and I didn’t drink much water.  The body is a funny thing but it sure knows when it needs to retain water.  When there is a lot of salt coming in but no water!  So, I’m pretty sure this weighin could have been a lot better and I need to remember that today when I’ll be there even longer than yesterday.  Stay hydrated!

This week I plan to do the same things that have been working so far:

  • Stay away from fast food (although I have been getting the occasional Egg McMuffin they really aren’t too bad at 300 calories)
  • Climb the steps at work
  • Bring veggies to work for snacks
  • Drink lots of water
  • Don’t graze at night (I haven’t been good at this yet but I know I need to be if I want to keep these good weekly weighins going!)

So far a sucessful start to the year although I know this is “easy” weight loss time and things will get much harder as I lose more weight.  But I can’t worry about that, all I can do now is celebrate that so far I have put my mind to losing weight and it is working.

How are you getting along on your plan?


Weekly Weigh-in (2013-02-010)

Weigh-in – 293.8 PoundsSomehow, magically, the weight just fell off this week with a loss of 2.4 pounds – a total of 13.6 pounds down since the start of the year.  I wish I could claim a ton of hard work, but I didn’t do much differently this week other than take the stairs at work most every day, and be sick since about Wednesday.

Ah yes, being sick probably did it. I started feeling my nose run on Wednesday and by Friday I was in a bad way.  The last couple of days of been sitting on the coach not doing much.  But also not eating much other than soup, so I would have to say that when I get better (hopefully soon!) it’s gonna be hard to keep a little bit of that weight from coming back.  This week marked the 6th straight week with a loss but I may be hard pressed to keep that going once I get back on my feet.

My plan for the week went well, I did take the stairs every day other than Friday when I really didn’t feel well, I had protein for breakfast every day, had good vegetable snacks and didn’t eat late at night.  My plan is for more of the same this week.

Hope you are all staying the course!


Weekly Weigh-in (2013-02-03)

Weigh-in – 296.2 PoundsI’m pleased to report another solid weigh-in with a loss of 1.6 pounds for the week, a total of 11.2 pounds lost since the start of the year.  As you can see by my weight loss progress this week’s weigh-in shows the biggest loss since the first week.

I’ve been done this path many times and I know how easy these first pounds really are – and how much harder it will soon get.  But as long as I stay focused and continue to challenge myself I should be able to stay on this path to a new, healthier me.

So what am I going to do this week to stay on the side of good and lock in another loss for the week at the weigh-in next week?  Here are some of what I have planned:

  • As I mentioned before, I have started to take the stairs at work.  I plan to do that every day this week, and I’ll be in this office for 4 days.  Assuming I go out to lunch each day, which I am planning to do, then by my estimates I will navigate 112 flights of stairs for the week (32 at the parking garage and 80 at the office).  (UPDATE – my match was bad, since I live in America and the ground floor is 1, I’m only going up four flights of stairs to get to the fifth floor.  So 96 flights of stairs for the week!)  So Glad I don’t need to do that all at once!
  • Protein for breakfast every day.  Vegetable snacks to work every day.  So far my problems have not been breakfast, snacks or lunch.  It’s been dinner and snacking at home after work.  But I can’t lose sight of what I am doing well at either, so need to stay focused on a good start to the day.
  • I did 30 minutes on the elliptical this morning, I’d like to do that another few times this week.  Also some free weights.
  • Stay focused at night.  I’m going to start by not eating after 9:00pm.  How hard can that be?

I am feeling good about the week behind me and am already anticipating a good week to come.  How was your weigh-in?  Link to your results in the comments!

Stay strong.

Weekly Weigh-in (2013-01-27)

Weigh-in – 297.8 PoundsI’ve been neglecting posting here the last couple of weeks and my weekly weigh-in post is a few days late (although the picture is actually from my normal Sunday weigh-in day), but better late than never!  I missed last week’s weigh-in since I was out of state, so the 297.8 pounds is 2.4 pounds less than my weigh-in two weeks ago.  That’s 1.2 pounds lost on average the last couple of weeks, and I’ll take that, although I certainly know I can’t rest on my laurels because really I’m not doing anything really hard yet, and these first pounds are always the easiest.  Overall I am down 9.6 pounds since the beginning of the year when I started this new weight loss kick, with a small loss every week.  I’m liking the consistency of these weigh-ins!

So far I am doing very well at breakfast, at snacks and at lunch.  What’s still hurting me is the grazing I am doing when I get home.  I’m going to have to get that under control and I am going to have to start exercising.  Sweating is a good thing.

A couple of times this week I found myself at a McDonald’s drive-through drooling over the McRib advertisement.  The new me found the strength to ignore it and just to order a diet Coke.  Felt good and I need to remember that it felt good because if I don’t then the next time I will order that McRib (or two) and the next thing you know I am in a funk and back to gaining weigh.  Can’t let it happen, not now, not ever.

I’ll try to be better about posting here, I know it will help keep my weigh-in going in the direction I want.

I hope your New Years Resolutions are still in full force!