It’s a New Year! Weight Loss Goal for 2014

Well here I am joining the millions of people setting New Year’s resolutions that include losing weight.  Most of us will do well for a few weeks and then everything will fall apart.  Hate to be a Negative Ned, but the data bear this out as fact.

306 PoundsHere’s where I am starting the year out.  Just a pound less than when I started this weight loss blog last year.  My goal for the year is to get to 269 pounds, a loss of just a little over 10%, but a weight that would be a good milestone for me.  There is absolutely no reason why I can’t get this done, and I’m starting off the year steeled to make it so.

One thing that will be helpful to my efforts is that I start a new job next week.  You would think being unemployed would make it easier to exercise and eat well but I found the opposite to be true.  If I am ever in that position again, I will know how important it is to push yourself to exercise and eat well while not working because it truly was a missed opportunity.  But hopefully I won’t have that opportunity again.

I have an early challenge to my plan, a nice celebration dinner out tonight on New Year’s Day at a very nice restaurant that will have all sorts of fatty foods to eat.  I’m going to have a little of this and a little of that, and in doing so won’t deprive myself, but I am not going to pig out.

That would be a good start to the year, a year in which I plan to see the 260s for the first time in 6 years or so.

Good luck on your resolutions!


Weekly Weigh-in (2013-01-13)

Weigh-in - 300.2 PoundsAfter posting a 7-pound loss in my last weigh-in I managed a paltry .2 pound loss this week.  If I had been at this for a year I’d probably be OK with such a small loss – any loss is a good loss when you are trying to drop 100 pounds.  But no, this is only the second week of my long-term plan to “get fit by fifty” and these first few weeks should be the easy weight to drop.

Anything less than a couple of pounds is a major disappointment at this stage of the game, and this weigh-in shows me that I have to do better.  Overall my eating this week was not terrible but I definitely strayed a couple of days and I certainly didn’t do any exercise to help the progress.

This week will be a bit of a challenge because I am traveling for work the first couple of days, but my plan is to stay on plan, drink a lot of water, and get a couple of pounds off for next week’s weigh-in.