Weekly Weigh-in (2013-11-3)

Weigh-in – 305.4 PoundsI weighed in on March 17th with my 11th consecutive week of weight loss from when I started this blog. It’s been all down-hill since. I lost my job at the end of April, and I’m still looking for work and now it’s way past time to start looking for my health again. I’ve gained back all but 2 pounds from my starting point at the beginning of the year. Embarrassing!

The worst part is, if I had done nothing but focus on my weight loss from the moment I had lost my job I would be so much better off right now almost 7 months later. I still wouldn’t have a job, but I’d realistically probably be at around 250 pounds rather than 305.

One day at a time, starting over.



Weekly Weigh-in (2013-04-14)

Weigh-in – 297.4 PoundsIt’s official – I’m a loser, and not in the good way (as in losing pounds).  I haven’t weighed in for a month and in that time I managed to GAIN 6.8 pounds.  Fast food, not drinking water, not bringing veggies to work for a snack, not packing lunches, not walking up the steps, eating too much, not thinking about what I was eating.  Everything I had been doing so well with the first couple of months down the tubes.  Time to pick it up again before I get too far adrift.  I can do this.